"I use this all the time when I want to leave work early! My boss thinks my computer is toast!"
This thing works great!

"I had a job interveiw at another place and I needed time to do it. So I cranked up Updating Windows, set it for a couple hours and no one said a thing when I got back."
I started it on
my boss' computer

"I had no idea how awesome this web page is. I turned it on on my boss' computer and told him not to touch it for 3 hours while Windows updated... So he left for the day and I got a whole day of peace at the office!"
Work Sucks!

Finally, there's a way to make going to work every day bearable...

Along comes a very simple piece of software that allows you to set up your computer and not let anyone touch it.

What Updating Windows allows you to do is run a webpage that looks like a Windows Install Interface. The progress bar tells how much longer the "install will take. It warns whoever is reading it not to touch your computer. You can set it for as long as you want and then... go goof off!

Click the START icon above or the screenshot below to get started.

Updating Windows

Some of our users have used it to:

Go for an extended lunch
Leave work early
Play pranks on your boss and co-workers
Ensure no one touches your computer while you're away
Make your company's IT guys very nervous
Goof off for as long as you set it for
Start it on your friend's computer to freak them out
Ensure you leave work on time so you can make it to the game or your big date
Prevent you from sitting next to "the stinky kid" at the computer lab

...the uses for Updating Windows are endless